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    3793 problem

    I've have many years experiance but cant figure this one out. My traxxas rustler goes through 3793's like thats its job the shaft and pin that the spur gear are on. my father runs the same car as me with the same gearing and tires and hasnt ever had one go bad. I've gone through plenty. I even bought a brand new trans and i still have the issue. what could be causing this. the pin either sheers right off or the pin just stays in but the gear moves out and the pin rotates free. what keeps this thing in. It certainly isnt friction in every case. seems every parts different. some hug snug others are very lose. are these just crap rejects from traxxas? shouldnt they all be tight. i hope someone has answers. am i running my clutch to tight when it snaps and too lose with it lets it rotate?

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    If the slipper is too tight it is only a matter of time before that pin shears off. I have my slipper backed off 1/8-1/4 of a turn from fully tightened. I had a pin go out on me and I replaced it with a cut to fit allen key. I think it is much stronger and I ran 3s through it no problem.
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    If it keeps poping out, try some loctite on it. I have used loctite on pins before to secure them.

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