As some of you know, I'm fairly new to this hobby (look at join date) and in order to have more fun at the track I got my wife involved and bought her a Slash 4x4 even before I had one. Hers has gone through more changes than mine has in the past few months. Anyways it started out stock of course but the mods would quickly ensue. At first she was flipping it over so much that I bought a cage for it but that only made one outing to the track. I also fiberglassed her original body but I botched that up so I ordered the silver AmsOil body. I put the TRCE chassis on mine so I decided to go with the Slice 4x which turned out to be junk compared to the TRCE. I turned it into a backslash for awhile but I quickly got over that. After realizing that she should have something better than mine I ordered the Shining Star Chassis for it. What a game changer that has been! I liked it so much that I replaced the TRCE on mine with an SSC chassis. It had proline Powerstroke shocks for awhile but now it has Vorza shocks mounted behind the rear arms. Mip axles were also put on along with a Mamba Max Pro and 3800 4pole. The mamba max pro got burned up at the track on its first outing due to improper gearing on 3s. I replaced it with a Mamba Monster esc so I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. IT was only $15 more than a MMP. I kept the 3800 on it but it will be switch to a 2400. The 2400 currently has a broken shaft but a 5mm replacement shaft is waiting to go on. She broke 3 mip stubs while using aka and traxxas adapters so I ordered the MIP specific adapters and haven't had a problem since. The servo is a metal gear Hitec atm. I ordered the parts to convert the MIPs for use with the ProTrac kit and the protrac kit itself. I also got the beadlock protrac specific wheels. The body now is from an SC10 which is thicker than the traxxas one. I really haven't been interested in painting custom bodies yet. Another thing that is going on is FLM center diff aluminum case.