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    Ultra soft S-1 tires question.

    Hello everyone, can anyone give me an opinion on the Traxxas ultra soft S-1 compound tires they offer for the slashes? I run proline tires alot so I'm familiar with their compounds. Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks ya'll!

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    not quite as soft as proline m2, but last longer. leaps ahead of the hard stock tires. Not great for the loose and dusty stuff, but on asphalt and hardpack dirt work great as a basher tire because of longevity. good carpet tire. Most pro line offerings will outperform them in most if not all competitive situations, but I really like them for bombing around.

    Try them with rims other than trx ones. The traxxas rims do not have sidewall support like aftermarket rims, and the tire sidewall can collapse during turns causing inconsistent handling.
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