Hey guys I was reading all of the threads on the best mods for a slayer and I read that most of the threads said that getting Pro-line tires (aka badlands, paddle tires, etc) and now I want to get some better tires after watching a video on you tube with two stock slayers. But, one had some Pro-line tires and the other one was stock with the factory tires. Wow, I feel bad for that stock one because it got it's butt kicked HARD! Anyway, back to my question, I do not want to have to glue tires to the rims and then have a ton of tires on rims that I might not really use much. So that got me thinking, what about those Pro-line rims that have the removable (beadlocking) So you can mount and re-mount the tires with needing glue. (I love the beadlock and the rim spoke look of them) I've seen people use them on slash's and on stampede's, but with the hex/size fit on a slayer? And if so, where is the best place to get the pro-line rims? (They cost over $23 for 1 rim at my hobby shop) Also, do the rims work good and are they worth getting? Or should I get some other rims? Anyhelp on the matter would be nice! Thanks! -Wolfslasah16