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Thread: 6518 Fried?

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    6518 Fried?

    I just hooked up my new Tekin RX8 ESC and I think I had the wires reversed, no tabs on the Tekin wiring harness. Anyways, now the ESC wont light up and/or work. Is this obvious in that i should just call traxxas or is there some double secret way to reset this thing? I know its not the ESC since i tried my old radio and it works fine.

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    Reversing the wires has never had any affect for me, it's just blinked to say the throttle is incorrect and made me realize I had it reversed. No harm in calling Traxxas, if there's help they'll have it! I've put my 6518 through all kinds of crazy misconnections and it still works strong!

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