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    What Toolbox to use?

    I'm kinda stuck on what toolbox to use for my 1/16 E-Revo, I want one that my charger and batteries will fit in plus have storage for parts and screws.

    I currently use a tackle box for my T-Maxx and Revo with plenty of storage. Also have a tote for the other stuff like fuel and painting what nots.

    Just curious and would like some ideas of what you guys/gals suggest and/or use.
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    i have that brand tackle box but mine is the 6089BL model. similar to this one:
    I like the cup holders still havent used mine.
    mines is a little bigger and i can fit alot of stuff, i think more than the weight it suppose to have but charger, lipos, glow ignitor, ez start batter+wand, nimh's, cleaning brushes, turnbluckes, header, filters, a arms from 2 different models, exhaust pipe, and so much more with alot of room to spare. costed me only $23 at walmart w/tax. not bad for the price. i have all my tools in there for track/running out and about.

    checked pics when i posted and are a little too small to see so look up at walmart site the: Plano 8616 Six-Tray Tackle Box, for $17.00
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    Wow... those WERE wee little pictures!
    Here is a link to that item. I am also looking for a good box... 'cept for my 1/10 p2de.

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    I use this, its decent, with the tires off my revo it will fit in the bottom along with the tires charger and batts. Also its a really cheap buy.
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    mine !!!

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    dang these are some really good toolbox options. So far i'm diggin' the one that Maxmann found the most.

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