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    changing the tires?

    Hi guys,
    is there an easier way to get old tires off the rims that doesn't suck?

    I tired the boiling method, maybe i didn't wait long enough before starting, but it was not that easy and there's still rubber that needs to be scrapped off. With enough patience and time, and risk to my fingers sticking myself with whatever I'm trying to scrap the left over rubber with, it CAN be done. It just doesn't seem worth it. If there is an easier way, I'd try it, but other wise i'd probably just get new ones.

    On the flip side, if I buy new wheels, does just using a sparing amount of glue on them work? so when it comes time to change them out it isn't such a chore? Or should I just buy new wheels every time I want new tires?

    Thanks for the input

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    Soak them in aceatone. Or got to your lhs and get ca debonder.

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    I usually find that my rims and tires wear out at the same rate... rims don't last forever either.
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    I use CA remover that i got from my LHS and ive boiled them off as well, but like jimmie said the rims dont last forever no matter what method you use
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    The boiling method does not work for the stock wheels (at least it didnít for me). I read somewhere that the glue used is good until 230 degrees F, but boiling water only gets to 212 F.

    I baked the tire and wheels one or two at a time at 320 F for about 8-10 minutes. Take them out using oven gloves and use a knife to break the bead between the tire and the wheel. Then put the tire and wheel back in the oven to re-heat it up for another minute or two. Take it out and work the tire off of the wheel, this is much easier to do when the tire and wheel are hot. The wheel may flex a little, but I think that is ok. I used a bike tire changer tool, which helped greatly. But maybe a knife will work.

    The tire comes off in one piece with almost no residue on the wheel.

    As far as gluing new tires, you canít use glue sparingly. I tried that, and now my tires are separating from my rims in places, so I will have to re-glue.

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    There are lots of videos on Youtube on how to take tires off wheels. At the inexpensive rate of wheels, its almost better to just get sets at a time.

    But.... In case u wanna.... There are 3 helpful ways to do so.
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