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    got my butt spanked !!! read this please...

    hey fellow slayers, so ive posted about jeting and ive posted about tire selection..... my jetting.... well.. icould probably lean out a little but i'm not going to. its flippin hot out here !! Tires.. pro-line caliber. Now its bucking and stackig up in the whoops. so im looking for the ultimate shock set-up. integy shows piggy-backs which im probably going to purchase but more so im asking for spring rates.. ive read on another post to go with 1.8 front and 2.0 rear. sounds aweful light to me for the driving we do... not quite a bicycle track but very well could be... as for getting spanked... i know ur wondering... flippin T-maxx 5.0(who got asked to get his car off the and that electric guy with his slash... grrr !!
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    Just FYI, the stock GTR shocks are way better than the Integy piggy backs. Piggy backs on an oil filled shock is pretty much useless, not to mention they will eventually leak like crazy.

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    Integy piggy backs Been there and done that. On my first revo before I knew better. The best word to describe them is Junk They leaked from the get go and couldn't get them to stop finely took them off and put the stock shocks back on waste of money. The GTR shocks are the best shocks out there if you want to make them better get this.

    Traxxas Variable Damping Kit GTR Shocks
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