so the guy i was talking to about his neon with 2.4 swap finally came off it. i drove it home a little bit ago

gave him both of my dakota's and sadly all my rc stuff but i now have the car ive been wanting

i wanted to switch to electric anyway since mine were all nitro so im not to overly bumbed.

the one dakota was ready to drive and was a 94 extended cab short bed 2wd with 3.9L v6 and roughly 193,000 miles. the other was a 92 standard cab long bed 4x4 with 5.2L 318 v8 and 135,000 ish miles. the 4x4 has a rusted out body, the 2wd has a rusted out frame. and the 4x4 needs an ignition relay, and a freeze plug. then the rc's were my 4907 racemaxx, and my slayer pro 4x4.

but man this neon is sick! i cant even begin to describe the world of difference between the 2.4 dohc 5 speed compared to my 2.0 sohc automatic. its got some intake work done to it, atleast a stage 2 if not a stage 3 clutch, it has the rt wheels, full rt interior, came with a set of brand new slicks mounted on some nice wheels. this car doesnt matter what gear your in, it will instantly set you back in the seat. 5th gear cruising you can go half throttle and your doing 90 before you even have time to realize it. car has 1 year old kyb struts with racing springs on the back and brand new matching set to go on the front still. urethane motor mount inserts so basically solid mounts lol. bugger bushings, battery relocated to the front right corner, the whole nine yards. needs fenders and a hood then 2 dents fixed and paint. ill get some pics up in the daylight. its sick nasty lol