So, I took the E-revo for a spin on the parking lot and I was amazed at the handling of this baby. I've never had an RC vehicle that has so much stability while steering. I can accelerate and turn without it flipping over!! I can now see the difference from my 2WD Stampede. The stampede is a great truck with good ground clearance but it always flips over when turning. I ran the E-revo on stock NIMH batteries but it was quite slow. I will try 4s lipos today. The temperatures after 30 minutes of run time were 120 degrees Fahrenheit for the motor and 115 degrees Fahrenheit for the ESC. Overall, I am thoroughly satisfied. Considering that it was very hot here in Toronto, Canada, I was surprised that the temps were that good. I also took out the crap talon 3.8" wheels because they were quite heavy and ugly. I installed dynamite 1/8 SpeedTreads wheels on the truck and there were much better and lighter. Overall, I am very happy