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    Smile First run with ERBE and very satisfied!

    So, I took the E-revo for a spin on the parking lot and I was amazed at the handling of this baby. I've never had an RC vehicle that has so much stability while steering. I can accelerate and turn without it flipping over!! I can now see the difference from my 2WD Stampede. The stampede is a great truck with good ground clearance but it always flips over when turning. I ran the E-revo on stock NIMH batteries but it was quite slow. I will try 4s lipos today. The temperatures after 30 minutes of run time were 120 degrees Fahrenheit for the motor and 115 degrees Fahrenheit for the ESC. Overall, I am thoroughly satisfied. Considering that it was very hot here in Toronto, Canada, I was surprised that the temps were that good. I also took out the crap talon 3.8" wheels because they were quite heavy and ugly. I installed dynamite 1/8 SpeedTreads wheels on the truck and there were much better and lighter. Overall, I am very happy


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    That's not much tire for that kind of power. Thought about Badlands or Mashers?

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    Very nice bro...the Erevo is awesome.

    Are those types of tyres the traxxas response pro 3.8 (5375)?. I have a set and they run well on grass and dirt. Excellent for high speed runs and keeps your truck and handling very responsive and stable. Not so great on asphalt and rough terrain.
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    Those tires look to be for a 1/8 buggy. You need to find some of the tries the guys ^^ have suggested. You don't have any idea how good your E-Revo is until you get a set of proper tires on it. The smaller ones will keep temps down but will kill your traction and top speed. they also look very strange. Like a hideaway spare on an SUV. hehe.

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    if your running pavement look at a street tire, save the nobbies for the dirt.
    do need a little bigger tire, will help with temps.

    2S 9000 x 28C = 252,000 didide 1000 = 252 amps
    2S 8000 x 28C = 224,000 divide 1000 = 224 amps
    3S 5200 x 40C = 208,000 divide 1000 = 208 amps
    2S 4700 x 25C = 117,500 divide 1000 = 117.5 amps
    ^ I use in my Summit..... or Requires proper gearing^

    ( mah x c rating / 1000 = amps),

    The more amps the better / minimun of 120 amps.

    The ESC will only draw the amount of amps it needs.

    Higher the mAh the longer the runtime.
    For brushless systems 8000 mAh about 45 min & a 5000 mAh about 30 min.
    Times are longer for brushed systems.

    Batts in series double the voltage:
    2x 2s 20c 5000mah = 4s 20c 5000mah

    Batts in parallel double the mah capacity:
    2x 2s 20c 5000mah = 2s 20c 10,000mah.

    Hot motor + cool esc = under geared.
    Cool motor + hot esc = over geared
    Everything warm just right..

    Motor ~ 180/190*F maximum, ideally 140/160*F, temps can be 10* higher inside the motor
    ESC ~ pretty much same temps / Fan comes on @ 150*F
    Lipo's ~ 140*F max, ideally 100/120*F
    Would you go flip my truck back over??

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    Running like that at the track is fun. I call mine monster buggy.

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    You think the handling of your Revo is good now... I just bought the traxxas swaybar kit for the Revo Part#5498 and it holds the wheels to the ground when making tight turns at high speeds it's a must buy, cheap too for what it is check out traxxas site and go to pit pass and click on the projects button and select the Revo build you will see what they look like. LOVE THEM!

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