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    Where to start with a slash 4x4?

    If ups does their part I'll have my new slash 4x4 vxl in a few days and already I'm going cross eyed looking at parts and reading info. Obviously I'm going to switch to lipo as funds permit but I'm thinking I should upgrade the suspension first ( no sense in having a fast car that doesn't handle). Am I right with that thought and if so where will I get the best bang for the buck? I know new shocks are a must but at around $50 is that the best first upgrade or will I see any significant results with smaller investments? Sorry for the newbie question but I know you guys are my best resource.

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    i really think you have gone cross eyed as this is the slash 2wd forum.
    slash revo vxl x4 rally x2 ped 2wd slash vxl rus

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    Quote Originally Posted by turok View Post
    i really think you have gone cross eyed as this is the slash 2wd forum.
    yeah toruk does got a good point there but to answer your question i really think you should just wait till something breaks than upgrade it because if you spend all your money on upgrades and somehow maybe one or several of your upgrades gets damaged or broken on that one hard hit you wont have any money to replace those until you manage to get some more spending money.

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