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Thread: Newbie advice

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    Newbie advice

    Hi there.

    Not entirely new to hobby but got a new spartan with newer castle electronics version - everything stock at moment.

    Ran it on supplied nimh - not bad.
    Ran it yesterday on 4s - 2x 2s lipo 5300 50c batteries and everything still stock - huge performance improvement! Wow.

    After running motor felt quite hot to very hot .

    Anyone else running a similar setup stock? Can it handle this cooling wise ok on the castle electronics gear?

    Next question - thinking of maybe adding a metal prop. With everything else stock what type of prop is recommended and would I see a difference in performance?
    Thinking of trying 5s in future.

    I am aware of the split cooling Line mod - is this really needed now on the castle stuff?

    Comments appreciated. It's a great fun boat IMHO !

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    I don't run the stock electrics so can't comment from experience, however, it seems the stock electrics are marginally designed for the size of the boat and overheating is often an issue. I find it a bit surprising you are having issues on 4S, 6S setups are more prone to issues.

    The dual loop cooling has an additional advantage, regardless of the boat it is installed on: if one cooling loop gets plugged, only one component is starved of cooling flow, the other remains protected.

    I would suggest upgrading the cooling jacket on the motor to a good quality aluminum water jacket, it will improve cooling, and, the stock silicone jacket is prone to leaking.

    Octura X442 is the metal equivalent of the stock prop. You can also go to the Prather ss215 which is slightly smaller diameter with a bit more pitch than the stock prop.

    It is generally recommended not to go to anything larger diameter, or same diameter with more pitch than stock, when running the stock electrics. As you have already observed you have temp issues already so you want to be cautious putting any more load on the system.

    Also check to see if there is any binding on your drive line. Make sure the flex shaft is well greased and that the strut angle is not too far positive (up) or negative (Down) from the neutral position. Most of us find that neutral or slightly positive works best. The owners manual explains how to check and adjust strut angle.

    And most important, welcome to the forum.
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    Hi thanks for the great advice. I might have exaggerated the heating issue a bit - the motor was a bit too hot to touch for very long - thats As hot as it got - hot enough for me anyway.

    Quite fancy doing a few of the mods you recommended anyway.

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