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    Can i control a traxxas slash1/16 with a tqi radio? and how?

    Hey guys i was planing on getting a traxxas slash ultimate. I already have a traxxas slash 1/16 and i was wondering if i could put the same reciever set up in my mini slash that i have in my ultimate. thanks for the help! Its not a deal breaker but i was just wondering. if i can do it is it easy?

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    Do you have a 2.4ghz Traxxas link RX in your 1/16? If yes, you can just link the TQI to that. If not, you can just buy a 2.4ghz RX and install and bind it in your 1/16. So yes it is possible and fairly easy.

    Also, this is the 2x4 slash section, and the Ultimate is a 4x4. If you post there for questions relating to that vehicle, you will porbably get better answers.
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