Hey guys.. I got a buddy who I just found out used to be into rc planes pretty big, and i showed him my nes MMP set up and how I needed some bullet connectors for the motor. But how I sucked at soldering.
Then he proceeded to tell me, he has a ton of them and is great at soldering. And how he'd hook it up for me for free..
Then he asked if I used deans and of course I don't.and he said he could switch all my stuff over to deans if I wanted him to.

So I thought, my charger is deans I just had to rig it up to fit TRX. Most batteries that I've ordered come wit deans, and deans seems to be more universal than TRX. Even though TRX is catching up

So I wanted some good opinions. What your thoughts? If u could choose what your rcs came with stock, would u choose deans or TRX? And why or why not,

Some pros and cons ya know good vs bad?