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    fire safing lipo

    Just got my first lipo and i hear everyone talk about bags, but i cant seem to find any anywhere. i do have a fireproof safe and trashcan laying around. would those be viable options? i have a hardcase lipo and is it true those are a little less likely to cause fire or whatnot compared to a soft case? thanks for the help.
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    Look on eBay for 'Lipo Bags ' that should net you some results

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    eBay is a good place to start, hard case does not matter about if it's less likly to catch fire they are both able to. If they start puffing it just harder to see at first is all.
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    Traxxas make lipo bags. I have never had a battery blow up on me. Ussuallly lips blow up when improperly charged/discharged or run below 6V. A sign of a possible explosion is battery swelling.

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    ProgressiveRC sells LiPo charging bags for a pretty decent price, too.
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