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    1st Run... Lost complete drive cable

    So i received a spartan from a family member and it was in rough shape but i fixed it up and got it in running order but the stuffing tube was bigger the the original and did not have a liner... So after about 5 mins of run the shaft sheered and i lost the entire shaft and dive dog and prop and nut to hold the prop on... Im trying to figure out what the best action to take is and where to purchase... I cant find the nut to keep the prop on anywhere id appreciate it if anyone could help me find that one part. And also whats the best way to make the spartan totally water proof and what the best tape to use for the hatch

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    You can get any replacement part from Traxxas. Just click the category for a complete list of part numbers and prices.

    Clear hockey tape works great to keep the hatch secure, and to keep it from getting torn off in a big crash. You will never make the hull completely waterproof.


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    if you want to upgrade from the stock setup I reccomend a .187 flex shaft upgrade (, aeromarine 3 piece coupler, and the aeromarine 9/32'' stuffing tube w/the 1/4'' stepdown. This has been my upgrade for the past 12-15 flawless runs. For the prop nut, just go to ace hardware and pick up a 10/32'' lock nut.

    If you want to replace your stock locknut, ace hardware also sells the stock size too. remember to lock-tite everything just in case!

    You can get the hockey tape from kintec racing, it works great.

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