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    What kind of Lipo 2cells is the best?

    Hey guys.

    I am new to this community and to the RC world so i need a bit of help from u

    I just bought my self a slash vxl 4X4 and i JUST love that car but i is time to step it up and start looking into som Lipo 2 batt pak.

    So i need help from some people who know this car and Lipo battery to tell me what lipo that is the best with power, driving time,

    And if u have a link to a site where i can buy the battery i would be very thankfull

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    First of all welcome to the ADDICTION The Slash is a great truck but before you run lipo you may want to upgrade your bearing adapter on the slipper clutch to an aluminum one.... lipo will melt the stock plastic one. It is a cheap upgrade you can get from Traxxas. I run Traxxas and SPC lipo batteries in my truck. I am very happy with the SPC lipo considering it was only about $30 The Traxxas lipo is also a very good battery but at almost double the price of the SPC... Both batteries are 5000mah 25c 2s lipo My run times in grass are around 30 min of wide open throttle
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of RC, of course the addiction of having fun!!! Even more in pairs. Lipo is definitely the way to go. A couple of things you need to do before moving in that direction. You need to read up on them, don't make the mistakes many have. They need to be stored properly, preferably a Lipo storage sack, or cash box. Something that can/ will contain them if they catch fire. Usually improper care causes this. These are fairly cheap and worth every penny. Another thing is charging and storage charging them. Read up on the packs at what rate they can be charged at, typically 1c, 2c and occasionally 5c. This is figured out using the mah x "c" / 1000, this gives you you charge amps. Don't get this confused with the "c" rating on the front of the pack, like 25c, 30c, 40c, etc etc, those are the supplied amps for your system. Usually stated on the back of the pack or with the paperwork provided with them. The last most critical thing to keep your packs in mint condition is to storage charge them or leave them sitting at a voltage that doesnt damage cells/ pack. This is usually 3.7 to 3.8v / cell. Ex. a 2S pack would be 7.4 - 7.6. The best thing is to check each cell. I have to add one more thing its a good idea to balance charge the packs everytime. It takes a few more minutes depending on quality of the charger but that brings each cell to equal voltage. Which a fully charged pack would reach 4.2v / cell. Ex. a 2S pack would be 8.4v fully charged.

    The best advice I/ we can give you is spend extra money up front on a good quality charger. This is something that will carry you throughout the hobby, whether short or a long period of time. There are many good ones out there. I'd spend at least $100^, you get what you pay for. A couple of good ones that i've used, Dynamite Passport Ultra & Racers Edge Surecharge 2010, both charge at 8A. I'm currently using a FLM Powerlab-6 with 600W PS.

    SPC & Promatch have some good Lipo's with real time ratings, nothing fluffed.

    Hope this helps bud!
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    i run gens ace . 40c and higher . cheap
    not that its better or worse than any others but i have great luck with them considering their price .

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    I bought three Venom 5000 30c. Been great.

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    i'm running venom 5000mah 40c 2 cell and i love them.
    charger I'm using the onyx 235
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    I am using the ********** 2s 5300 30c-60c. Its been really good so far. I only use them for racing on the back yard track. So they are getting a good workout while varying speeds. And I was able to get 2 for the price of 1 traxxas lipo. I will say that the traxxas 4200 2s pack seems to be a great battery. Just expensive. I also have a ********** 4000 45-90c Its a bit of a tight fit. But it performs as well. Only paid $23 for it. Just because they are expensive does not always make them better.
    I am new to lipo as well. I have about 10 runs on each pack. So they are just getting broke in. But so far I am very pleased with the cheaper batteries. (**********'s) At least they are much better than nimh.
    As far as a charger goes. I am using a Venom Pro Charger. It wont even charge at a full 5 amps. But I am not looking to do 30 minute fast charges. It takes 127 minutes to charge a 2s 5300mah pack, 5178 mah's. Its slow but stable. For $79 I am fine with it. From saving money on the charger and by buying cheaper packs. I can buy more packs. Plus, Isnt charging slower, better for the pack?
    But Like I said. I am new to lipo. I could be setting on a pile of crap. But it sure is better than Nimh.

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    Big squid RC covers both these topics in the shootout section along with lots of good info
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