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    mixed results running the boat today.

    I brought the boat to a small local lake (200 acres) that doesnt allow gas powered boats so its pretty calm from a wake perspective. The wind was pretty steady so it wasnt like glass. When i went there last week the boat and transmitter wouldnt bind . I got that straightened out during the week and took a lot of steps towards waterproofing. I adjusted the trim tabs and the boat was pretty stable although there is room for improvement..

    I got some great video both forward and aft facing and will post once I edit it. Had a friend taking high def video with my DSLR......or so we thought. Too bad because there would have been some great shots......maybe next weekend.

    my hull is coming unglued.. Whats Traxxas's warrenty policy?
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    You will of course have to contact them and discuss your particular situation, but they have replaced separated hulls in the past.


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