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    Cool Boat looked like a turn bouy!

    Boat was running great until rear drive came lose forcing nose down. Couldnt figure out why until it hooked and ended upside down. Then it turned into a turn bouy for others to race! LOL What do I need to do in order to save the electronics? if at all possible?

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    take everything out of the hull and burry them on a bed of rice for at least a day, that should take all the water out.

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    Just open up the receiver and hit it with some compressed air and it will be good to go. The motor will be full of water also. It is pretty simple to remove the tray, remove the motor, remove the end cap of the motor and pull out the armature. The windings inside will be full of water. Again, I blow it out with compressed air and then put a bit of oil on the shaft and bearings.

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