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    Prepainted slash bodies???

    Hey everyone i was wondering if anyone could tell me some good wedsites and or places to buy nice prepainted bodies that fit the slash 4x4. Im just not into painting them and would like to have something other then the stock body. I appriciate the help!

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    The best place that I know to look is eBay. You can find all kinds of different bodies. Just look around and you skill find something you like. They are expensive sometimes but people put good time and effort into those bodies.
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    Yeah bodies that are already painted sell for around 75-90 dollars depending on the seller. Like El Sob said these people have a good amount of hours into the bodies though. With air brushing and supplies. Keep that in mind. Painting a body yourself with a rattle can is not that hard, if that is what your worried about.

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    +1 to bajaboy. I was scared myself in painting bodies at first. You should try doing one yourself first. For what you'd spend on one already painted you can buy all the supplies to do it yourself, then the next time around you'd have all the stuff and be way cheaper.

    Rc Lexan Body Paint (color(s) of choice )
    Body scissors ( curved & strait )
    Hobby Knife
    Dremel ( some people use this to clean the edges up ) or fine grit sand paper

    Google or scan here for what is needed to paint bodies. It's really simple, prep takes the most time.
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    I found it to be very enjoyable to paint my own body. Reminded me of my model car/airplane building days as a child. I doubt I could ever fork the cash over for an eBay body...imagine scratching those! The faster I tear the old one up the sooner I get to replace it with a new one!
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