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    Slipper assembly on nitro conversion tranny

    Hi Guys ,
    This is a qustion for my 3.3 conversion , I use a Titan 775 and EVX-2 .

    I notice on the slipper / spur assembly there is no spring on the nitro transmission like electric EREVO's ... on the nitro tranny it is just a washer on the back , washer on the front and the nut . do you add a spring for the conversions ?? I was getting WAY too much slipping so I just tightened it all the way down . But now its a wheely monster , just looking for a happy medium .
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    yes, nitro trans only use 2 dish like washer and no spring. if you try to put a spring, i dont think you have enough room to tightened the nut, nitro input shaft have a short threaded while the electric trans have longer thread.

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