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    Newbie-Ken Block brushed questions-Please help

    Can anyone tell me what pinion I should use if I am going to run the Y connector (3063) and two 1200 Nich batteries? The guy at the hobby store told me I did not need a different pinion, but I read on here that people blew their engines with two batteries. I have the brushed model. I purchased this just to get into the hobby. I will purchase a better/faster truck later on. I just want to beef up the rally car a little first. It is confusing when i read on here cause there are two different models of the KB rally car, which I did not know when I bought it.

    Also, any helpful info on how to beef the car up on the cheap? I do not want to replace the engine, etc. What gear set should I get for the KB with the Titan 12T?

    From what I read on here, I am going to get:
    4.3 front springs
    3.4 rear springs
    touring tires X pattern
    different body so I do not destroy the KB body

    ANy other info will be appreciated

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    ya the rally and kb threads are slow

    if it is the y connector(hooks the batteries in parellel) you dont need to change the pinion at all. but with the dubbled run time just ocasionaly check temps

    the thing with blowing you esc is hooking the stock batteries in series the esc cant take the voltage.
    and 2s lipo but its more of luck of the draw with the esc(just a special thing)

    parts i would suggest are diffrent axle carriers either rpm (softer more durabl platic/nylon and has adjustible pillow ball caps)
    and aluminum. both will have little to no play unlike stock

    and maybe extra battery doors suck ending the fun when its something so easy to replace no tools requiered

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