As the title says: I'm a first-time RC car/truck buyer and need advise on the following.

I've committed to buying a Slash model since I feel that it suits what I want (a project to immerse myself in when not tackling the immense amount of homework/research involved in a degree in physics) as well as being well suited to building a respectable short-track course around my house (≈ 150' x 75').

My proper question, though, is this: should I go for the 4x4 straight away, or take it slow, get used to the more tame-seeming 2WD, and consider the 4WD at a later time? I don't mind paying for either, so the price point isn't an issue except where benefit is concerned. That is, if I'm going to race it about the track that I build (and largely introduce/fiddle with obstacles using various trajectories, rotations, and other bits that people like me find entertaining), do I really need the 4WD model, or will the 2WD provide the same amount of satisfaction for ≈$200 less?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.