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    Just a few questions for upgrading to lipo

    I have had my slash 4x4 for a few months now and I'm thinking about upgrading to lipo. I think I will be getting the Gens Ace iMars charger and the Gens Ace 5000mah 3s lipo. I have used my friends 3s on my slash (it was like $130) and I loved it. I also used my other friends 2s lipo. I think I will definitely get a 3s. My questions are if there are any other cheap but good quality 4500+ mah 3s lipos. Or any better chargers that are cheap. My friend said you need metal driveshafts but when I used his 3s the plastic ones were fine. He also had a 9 tooth pinion and a 54 tooth spur so he had a ton of torque. I was just wondering what I need to upgrade.

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    This is what im running Venom - 7500mah 3s lipo and a eco6 charger I would recommend the aluminium bearing adapter if you don't already have one.

    I also have the traxxas upgraded drive shafts, there are better ones out there but at the time these were available and not to pricey. But yes your drive shafts are likely to break running 3s eventually. I would recommend grabbing a infrared thermometer and keeping an eye on your heat while running the 3s (this is how i broke my first motor).

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    Take a look at SPC lipo's in the 5000mah range both 2s and 3s. I'm pretty happy with my spc lipo's.

    You have to buy a power supply with that charger so keep that in mind when thinking of price and value.

    I own and recommend a venom pro charger - more money but better features and includes the power supply. Forget sending a charger across the planet for a warranty problem.
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    I first bought and still use ocassionally the Thunder AC6 charger, had 2yrs with no issues $60-$75 and has AC/DC capable
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