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    Spur gear meltdown and slipper overheated w pics!

    So lastnight I ran a couple test runs with some friends. I noticed my slash seemed to be not moving but the rotor was turning. So I take off the body and smoke was coming out of the slipper area and you can smell burnt plastic. It was pretty strong. So after we took the rear apar I found my spur gear all melted all over and the slipper plates and pads were insanley hot and warped. It was entertaininf at my expense.
    The gearing was 22/50. Thought my slipper was tightened down. I know the gear ratio is bad. Looks like I may go up in slipper and get a smaller pinion lol. Was thinking about the RR Gen3 slipper but all metal isn't always good. Need to have a weak point to absorb the energy and reduce damage. Just have to figure out what would be ideal gearing for a mamba 2200 for bashing and still be able to outrun my buddy's erbe and savage flux!
    The other issue is should I just switch to mod 1 gearing since I like to run in sand and gravely areas.

    Gotta love rc. So many tough calls to make...
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