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    adjusting traxxas carburetor

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody knows about adjusting traxxas engines. I never know how far from factory settings to adjust the engine. I can easily test the air the temp humidity, etc. Does anybody know of a table where i can see how much to adjust the engine in increments of 10? also will a t-maxx3.3 spur gear work on an s-maxx 2.5?

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    I suggest you read this link
    and all the links it contains to start with.

    No, the smaxx 2.5 can not use the tmaxx 3.3 style spur gear without some modifications.
    No slipper/tall gearing/power = broken parts.

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    Thanks, I as hoping somebody had it down to a science.

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    Its just not possible. Every engine is different, just because a certain setting works on one engine, it may not be correct for another identical engine. You could take two brand-new identical engines of the shelf, break them in the same and they'd require different settings to be tuned correctly. You have to learn to tune.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin Baker View Post
    Thanks, I as hoping somebody had it down to a science.
    Oh but we do have it down to a science...

    In order for there to be a specific, dedicated amount of turns on those needles some things would need to be identical.
    1. The engine (no 2 engines are completely identical that's why there are tolerances when mfring them, ANY engine, Nitro, Racing Car, Daily Driver,,, they all have variances).
    2. Fuel, not everybody uses the same mfr and nitro % of fuel, another variable..
    3. Altitude and barometric pressure. The air density where you live isn't the same as mine, again another variable...
    4. Humidity
    5. Ambient temperature
    6. Exhaust system
    7. Air filter setup

    All those variables make it impossible fro someone to say your engine needs exactly this or that.

    So read your manual, especially about the part of the carburator and tuning for performance.

    Use a temp gauge only to keep you in the running temps between 200-260 (270 is kind of pushing it). Always tune with 1/2 a tank as many RC's will lean up gradually from a full tank. Tuning with 1/2 a tank give you a more stable reference...

    The tuning sticky works, but only if you go over your manual as well. Understand that you can't just tune the HSN and leave the LSN at stock position, it's in the tuning sticky and the manual...

    Now, you have the tools it takes to learn how to tune, it is an "Acquired Skill".

    Below will help explain the carb and that HSN LSN thing. This helps, but you must go over what Snook and I are saying in order to save hair pulling and get the performance out of that engine. Also if you aren't tuned right you risk damaging the engine.

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