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Thread: esc went boom!

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    esc went boom!

    I've had my e-revo for about 3 weeks now, I have had some much fun with this thing!

    In an unintentional back flip situation I broke

    1.) Drive Axel
    2.) Wing

    What my father in law broke in one miss hap with a fence post

    1.) Drive Axel
    2.) Upper and Lower A Arm
    3.) Suspension push rod

    He felt so bad he bought me replacement hopup parts for this car. RPM arms and axle carriers (front and back) and metal drive axels. He also promised never to drive it again ... lol.

    So after a bout 30 minutes of a run yesterday I took it in to my house to unhook the batteries and call it a day and as I was about to do so smoke starting pouring out of the ESC and a little mini fire ensued. I've attached the result. I have to note, there was no water involved and I was running ******* 65c 5000 mah lipo batteries (recommended to me on this forum).

    I did find a fellow on ebay with a replacement ESC for $80 which was a new pull from an e-revo, it's on it's way. I'm told castle is fairly good with warranty so I will be sending the baked one back to them to see what they say.

    My questions are :

    1.) I've read about a lot of these castle ESC's going up in smoke, are they that bad?
    2.) If I wanted a replacment ESC, somethign that will work with my castle brusheless motor... what is the best choice? Something that is maybe a little more rugged that wont blow up and make my wife acceptanec factor even less than it already is. Someone recommended the hobbywing xrun 150a or something, thoughts?

    Thanks again guys (also attached pics of my upgrades after the fence post incident)

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    That's a shame but not uncommon for a castle esc to whoosh. They will replace it as it has a year warranty but expect it to take several weeks. Their after sales support isn't up to much.

    That's some good upgrades, watch the pop outs though with those cvds and tru tracks. Either get the extended cups or don't jump it too high.
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    Are you running 6S? Im running my truck on 4S and I've never had a problem with the ESC at all. I find the MMM ESC's to be quite good IMO. But since getting an ERBE and floating around this forum I've notice far more reports of failure. Im guessing its due to far more guys running 6S and pushing the truck hard than in the other places I see these ESC's.

    I have a XErun 150 amp in my 1/8 onroad car and its a very nice ESC. I don't think its on par with the MMM but nice, especially for the money ($100). The other route you can go is Tekin... but your going to pay for it.

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    At this point I'll have 2 x castle mamba monster esc's (one in for warranty and the other in for repair). That would leave me 1 spare and both under warranty. I'll see how it goes with round 2.

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    My Castle stopped working after 6 days......have a new setup on order from Castle, they have no problem warrantying, but ive been waiting for a month and a half. Got impatient after a month and put a Tekin RX 8 and T8 in, way better in my opinion. I've run 6s, 4s, and the stock batteries and haven't had a problem yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by natethegreat View Post
    ******* 65c 5000 mah lipo batteries (recommended to me on this forum).
    Is that 65c per battery? and is that 2s or 3s.

    I run 30c 5000mah 3s batteries on my MMM with no issues and I have never had a hot ESC even though it has been coated in plasti dip as it rains a lot where I live.

    This info below I got off the brushless may help.

    ( mah x c rating / 1000 = amps)

    more amps the better / minimun of 120 amps.

    The ESC will only draw the amount of amps it needs.

    Higher the mAh the longer the runtime.
    For brushless systems 8000 mAh about 45 min & a 5000 mAh about 30 min.
    Times are longer for brushed systems.

    Batts in series double the voltage:
    2x 2s 20c 5000mah = 4s 20c 5000mah

    Batts in parallel double the mah capacity:
    2x 2s 20c 5000mah = 2s 20c 10,000mah.

    A temp gun is kind of a must have.....

    Hot motor + cool esc = under geared.
    Cool motor + hot esc = over geared
    Everything warm just right..

    Motor ~ 180/190*F (82/88*C) maximum, ideally 140/160*F (60/71*C), temps can be 10*F higher inside the motor
    ESC ~ pretty much same temps / Fan comes on @ 150*F (65*C)
    Lipo's ~ 140*F (60*C) max, ideally 100/120*F (38/49*C).........

    Besure to check sizing before you buy any batteries...

    In time some batteries will become discontinued...

    No particular order as to good, better, or best....


    With larger Lipo battery wires, you might need to - enlarge the exit hole on battery doors....
    or run wires out the vents..

    Direct Fit...........
    2s GensAce 5000 mAh 40c
    2s Gensace 5300mah 30c softcase packs
    2s HiCountryHobbies/Billowy Power 5200 mAh 50c
    2s Hyperion 5000 mAh 45C Soft
    2s RC DUDE Power 5000 mah 35c
    2S Sky Lipo 5000 mah 40C -- fit snugly
    2s SPC 5000 mah 25C hard case
    2s SPC 5200 mAh 40C
    2s SPC 5400 mAh 50C hard case
    2s SPC 6000 mAh 30C hard case
    2s SPC 8200 mAh 30c
    2s SMC 5400 mAh 50c
    2s SMC 6000 mAh 28c
    2s SMC 8000 mAh 28C Soft Case Lipo
    2s SMC 9000 mAh 28C Soft Case Lipo
    2s SMC 9200 mAh 50C
    2s Team Orion carbon 7000 35c
    2s Thunder Power 45-90c 5000mah
    2s ******* ******** 6000mah 25-50c
    2s Traxxas 5800 mAh 25c
    2s Traxxas 7600 mAh 25c

    Mod's.............remove retainers & back out or trim screws if they extend into battery compartment
    2s SPC 8200mAh/40C
    2s ******* 30c 5000 mAh soft - Extend Batt Door Out
    2S ******* 5200 mAh 5.2 Hard Case - Trim Batt Door For Wires
    2S ******* 5000 mAh 5.0 Hard Case - Trim Batt Door For Wires
    2s ***** ********* 5000 mAh 30C hardcase

    Direct Fit..............
    3s Hyperion 5000 mAh 45C Soft
    3s Max Amps -6000xls
    3s Team Orion Carbon 4700 mAh 45C
    3s Kypom K6 6000 mAh
    3s RC DUDE Power 5000 mAh 35c snug 29mm tall
    3s HiCountryHobbies Billowy Power 5200 mAh 50c snug 28mm tall
    3s ***** 5000 mAh 30c
    3s *********x 5800 mAh 30c

    Mod's..............remove retainers & back out or trim screws if they extend into battery compartment
    3s SMC 5600 mAh 50C
    3s SMC 5500 mAh 28c
    3S SPC 5200 mAh 40C soft case
    3s SPC 5400 mAh 50C soft-case
    3s Thunder Power 3s 45-90c 5000mah
    3s Traxxas 5000 mAh 25c
    3s ******* ******** 6.0 6000 mAh 25-50c
    3s ******* 5000 mAh 30c soft - Minor Mod/Extend Battery Door Out

    4s ******* 4000 mAh 30c - Minor Mod/Extend Battery Door Out (Same size as the ******* 3s 5000mah 30c soft)
    4s ******* ******** 4500 mAh 25c

    Traxxas link to batteries
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