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    Which tires for my ERevo-badlands or trencher x

    Ive had my erevo for about 2 months and my MMM setup took a dump. Got a tekin rx8 and t8 2250kv setup now. Ran 6s and blew a talon out, so now I'm looking for a all around tire. I love the looks of the badlands but read they don't hold up on pavement very well. Im a basher, so I want something that doesn't balloon, and has all around good traction. Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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    I'd say the trenchers. I run them on my e revo with a 2650kv 6 pole geared at 18/54 and have not blown them out yet. They seem to wear well and have plenty of traction.

    I run badlands on my slash and think they would wear quickly on tarmac.

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    trenchers all the way

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