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    Exclamation The ultimate 1/16 revo electronics. Tell me.!

    Its time for me to get all new equipment. I think my motor and esc are just done and same with my lipo's. I have venom lipo's and am not sure if they are the problem but i want new ones what would you recommend? I have been thinking of **** tech batteries. And i have the stock radio. I plan on buying another kit soon with the tqi and just wanna hook it up to that. So is it worth the wait or should i get a fly sky fs-gt3b.? I will be getting either one in time but should i get the fly sky already or wait till i need it? And the servo im thinking a ******* 390 dual. And the only reason i think this is cause i cant find any other servo with nearly as much power as this one. If you know one with as much torque and still a good speed preferably .14 or better please tell me.! And with the motor system i want to get a neu 1112 1y 3500kv. It can run on 4s and i will most likely be running it mainly on 2s and 3s in parallel. And for speed runs be in 4s. And i plan on pairing that with a mamba max pro. Do you know any other options of esc that can handle 4s if not better? And then a gyro. I really want this kit to preform as best possible on a track and still be a moderate basher when i cant leave home. So would a gyro be necessary? And if there is anything else you would like to add just let it out. Don't be afraid to give me an honest opinion either cause i want to know if the things i am about to buy are good cause i don't wanna waste money. Which I'm sure most will understand. Everything is thanked.*

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    Good luck on the 390 better backorder now and let me know if you get it in 2 months!
    3500 is a little low probably undriveable on 4's!
    I have a 1110 1/y don't think you will ever need more and bolt in
    3500 3 cell 3.3"tires 35/45 gearing 59mph 4 cell 74.7 mph 4550 3 cell on 3.3" foams 76mph
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