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    Why dont I see alot of folks using Duratrax Lipos?

    When I purchased my first set of Lipos I purchased Duratrax 2s 4000 mAh and they worked great for my son's Rustler.

    When I wanted extended run-times for my Slash 4x4, I purchased Duratrax 2s 8000 mAh and it worked fantastic for me.

    I now run Duratrax 2s 5000 mAh in my ERBE and it works amazingly well...

    Just wondering why I never see anyone ever talking about that brand of Lipos on the boards here?
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    I've heard Duratrax is not of high quality and there are better lipos out there. Best to ask the question in the appropriate forum, but be reminded that no support of them is allowed.
    And this section is for Traxxas lipo support and discussion.
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