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    Angry The final straw!!!!!!!

    I understand nitro is for more "advanced" users, but YOU HAVE TO BE A MASTER MIND TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET ONE RUNNING!!! Well, I'll start at square one. The throttle sticks at half after a WOT, (See my other 4+ threads on what that's all about ) It can't hold a steady tune, it goes through a tank of nitro after 10 min, and my clutch is spraying black dust ALL OVER EVERYTHING after 1 run! So, yesterday, I did a complete engine tear down to clean everything out and to make sure nothing is worn out. The entire inside of the engine was a gold color, and everything looked ok. When I put it all back together, I followed the "How to rebuild a trx 3.3 engine" guide in traxxas support. Then I used clear silicone sealant on the carb base, and on the backplate/EZ start. I took it out today to see if everything would start and work, and guess what?!? THE FREAKING FRONT BEARING IS GUSHING OUT FUEL!!! It still leaks fuel after I lean the hsn out to the safe limit! When I lean out the lsn even just 1/4 a turn, the throttle will stick after a Wot pass. Then if I adjust the idle speed in or out even a little, it will make it alot worse. Then when I do the pinch test, it takes over 15+ sec for the engine to stop! Could the bad front engine bearing be the cause to all of my problems? I know nitro needs alot of time to get right, but I've had this thing since mid May! To give it a break, I went a a vacation and I didn't drive or touch my car for 5 days, and I'm still mad! WHY IS THIS HAPPNING TO ME?!? NO MATTER WHAT I DO OR REPLACE, IT EITHER DOES NOTHING OR IT MAKES IT WORSE!!! I'm begining to think I should have gotten a ERBE or a E maxx, not a nitro car. I have no money to fix anything else, and now I need to fix the bearing, and clutch! PLEASE HELP ME STAY WITH NITRO!!!

    (Crap. I just realized I spelled the thread title wrong!)
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