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    Question 2933 Easy Peak Plus Charger - Newbie NIMH Question

    Hi all,

    Newbie to RC cars here. Well, I had one once when I was a kid, but I am over 40 now... Anyway.

    Just got a Stampede XL-5 this week and it is totally stock and I am using NIMH. I have the charger set to 3.3 amps, so that's 1C, right? My question is this - does this charger know when a battery is full? If I stick a pack on the charger that was used for say 15 minutes, will this charger know that and only charge it to it's 'capacity'?

    I set the capacity cut off to 3000mah and the safety timer to 90 minutes. The manual states that if you set the capacity cut off to what is on the label, the battery will not fully charge.

    So, my questions are (at this time!)

    - Does this charger know when a battery is full? If so, HOW does it know?!
    - What should I set the mah to in the capacity cut off?

    Any other advice or suggestion or FAQ site would be more than welcomed. Thanks all!


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    The charger uses delta peak voltage to determine when a NiMH is full (slight voltage drop when fully charged)
    Starting discharge level has no influence on delta peak detection.
    Capacity cut-off and safety timers are additional safety features that can be used to prevent severe overcharging in case the standard cut-off failed to work. However for it to work correctly you would have to estimate the required charge capacity and time every time you charge a battery and set it accordingly.

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