Today i was thinking how i can make a remote start for my T-maxx and I have a very old ezstart like this but just only the black box and a sub micro servo like this and i was thinking how i can use all the old parts and i saw this video but i saw it was big for the car and i did my system:

front view

side view

back view

wires(i needed to make the wires longer because the stock wires was short)

This system is more compact than the video's system

Maybe you are thinking this system add a lot more weigth and is better start the engine using the pull start and a glow igniter, yes i know that and i just wanted kill some time and make something different to my truck.
I put the battery in the front because i dont like much the wheelies, i like more the rock crawling and this modification make the truck with more traction in the front
Next time i am going to make a video

Thanks for reading