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    Question Traxas link issue after firmware update 7/3

    I have a binding problem. Brand new Slash 4x4 Ultimate out of the box. Charged the battery, put new AAs in the transmitter. Played with it for about 2 min in my foyer. Then hooked up my iPhone 4 with Traxxas link. Updated the firmware for both transmitter and receiver. Now my transmitter and receiver will not link up. Do the normal binding provecure found on page 14 (Hold set on the receiver and turn on. Let go of the set button. Light flashes red. Hold reciver link button and turn on ESC. Let go of the link button and they should link in a few seconds.) The transmitter looks like it links as the light goes solid green, but the receiver just rapidly blinks green. Any help?


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    I too have been experiencing binding issues with the new upgrade...especially when trying to bind my TQI with my 2.4 link idea. I was thinking it was a compatibility issue but I know better than that.

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    You can manually push the receiver update through using the steps below. This may resolve your problem. You will need to have a docking base radio with current Traxxas App i-device connected. After binding and getting a solid green on the transmitter and blinking green on receiver try these steps on the i-device:

    1. From the main menu go to the Support menu
    2. From the Support menu go to the Updates menu
    3. From there the app will detect the receiver needs to be updated and it will instruct the user to update

    If that does not solve the problem give us a call.
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