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    Review and installation of Yeah Racing DP-1001TI Shock Set

    I have had these on my MERV for quite some time...
    I don't even remember how many packs!

    I am extremely happy with how my RC's handle with these shocks... I even have them installed on my wife's Boss. Even though the Boss needs to be higher off the ground that I would like due to the shock design, the handling is better than I was able to get with the stock shocks.

    Here is what is included in the package:
    4 aluminum shock bodies titanium in color, 4 aluminum upper shock caps red in color, 4 aluminum threaded lower shock caps titanium in color, 4 Silver (soft) springs, 4 Blue (medium) springs, 4 Gold (hard) springs, 4 1 hole pistons, 4 2 hole pistons (installed), 4 3 hole pistons, 4 ball ends, 4 ball nuts, 4 pillow towers, 8 screws, and one hex tool. Oil is NOT included!
    (not bad for a $23 shock set!)

    There is some required modifications needed to install these to the 16th platform... they are simply too long to just take out of the package and bolt on. I feel these modifications are easy enough that most RC'ers will be able to perform these modifications without too much frustration.

    One of the modifications is the shock ends... they need to be cut down to 8mm in overall length:

    The other modification is the pillow tower... it also needs to be cut down to 8mm in overall length:

    Next is to find some hardware...
    2.5 Washers:
    2.5 x 20mm Bolts:

    I filled mine with 50wt and have the soft springs in front with the medium springs in back.
    This seems to be a pretty good setup so far!

    Then they can be bolted on:

    (old picture, but serves the purpose)

    I will add that if you are not running with pressure against the shock spring retainer, I suggest squeezing them slightly with a pair of pliers so they hug the shock end so they will not fall off. << I learned the hard way... now I have a nearly complete shock set for spare parts. lol

    Also, they do touch each other... but I have yet to see any adverse effects other than some scratched aluminum. Here is some video of what I am talking about:
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