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    One Dewalt motor or Two ??

    I have a brushed 1/10th E-revo.

    Should I upgrade to a single dewalt motor or a dual dewalt motor? (14V)

    My main concerns are runtime and heat.

    What are the pros and cons of each setup.

    If anyone has any other advice or experience with the dewalt motors I am all ears.

    Thanks all

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    Definitely try dual and if the esc gets too hot then just use single.
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    I bought two. But I had to change shock fluid and buy stronger springs cause the car got so heavy it drowe on its belly...

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    I run one on my maxx, using the MMP esc (wired in high powered brushed mode)and run it on 6s and its fast! I put a integy heat sink/fan combo on it and geared it at 18/68 and after 20 minutes it runs about 133*F on the motor! it got a little hotter when I had it at 22/68 ( I didn't have the fan then) but you would have sworn it was a brushless motor!
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