its been few months past that i transform my REVO 3.3 into a full ERBE. i have bought the e-revo chassis, MMM ESC/2200kv, e-trans, etc... to have what ERBE would look like. then, i swapped the front and rear end out of my revo 3.3. it has been a life changing to own an amazing machine. now, i got the itch to start another e-revo build by using all of my spare parts, but this one i'll be using the aluminum chassis, i have locked the trans to 2nd gear already with the 3 screw method but, i still think that it needs a better way to secure the 3 screws. so, my idea is to machine and mill a aluminum and shape it just like the clutch but with a larger diameter so that i can drill 3 holes for the screw, that way its much secure. i'll be posting some pics as i get things done, but for now this is what i've done so far.

i'm waiting in the mail for my ERBE diffs, drive axles, wing mount/wing, erbe bumpers, and toe links. still needs few more parts to order but this is good for now, i'm trying to build this as low as possible and so far i have spent $60.

just to throw some idea, some of you guys might have done this. this pin seems to break easily, so what i did is i use a screw pin that hold the input shaft gear and so far its been holding up.