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    Quote Originally Posted by JeremyKidd View Post
    awsome project love what ur doing keep it up and hope you win a race or 2 in the end!
    Heh thanks

    I've sort of reset my goals from the start, the fast guys and buggies on a dry track are REALLY fast. I really don't know if the Bandit (or me) could ever beat them. But if I am within a second of their fastest times, and I don't get lapped over the 5 minute race then I would consider that mission accomplished

    I've also changed my mind in the order of things... Originally I had said tranny upgrades before more speed, now I think more speed first. I am not diffing out much, nor do I feel like I need more anti-squat, nor is my motor running too hot... So the stock plastic tranny is doing its job.

    What I need right now is acceleration and top speed, pure and simple

    PS: I got a new front shock tower

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