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    Cool Which Aluminum Shocks Should I Get? Big Bores? GPM? Hot Racing?

    I'm looking to get some aluminum shocks for my slash. I'm not sure what to get. I want something that is full aluminum, even the rod ends. The fully aluminum shocks I found were the GPM and the Hot Racing, but I dont know if there any good since many people don't buy them. I'm more of a basher not a racer. Most of you are going to recommend powerstrokes, but they aren't within my budget. I'm a basher. What should I get?
    My slashes also pretty heavey because it fully upgraded with MIPS, aluminum parts, 2400kv setup, etc. I want something that can hold up the weight and are durable. You can see the hot racing shocks on eBay and also the gpm, I couldn't get the links.

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    you can find a set of used D8 16mm big bore's for around the same price as Traxxas big bore's. Maybe a bit more. With the 16mm big bore's you get bigger shaft's, larger shock fluid volume which result's in better suspension capability. I run them on my basher setup and they are sweet. There is another set that alot of guy's are now using but for the life of me I cannot remember what they are, Jammin' or losi maybe.
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