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    traxxas emaxx

    traxxas link applaction

    I downloaded the traxxas link app to my Ipod touch and it wont let me get to the app ill click on it and wait a minute then it will go black hten go to my home screen any idea

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    Try rebooting your iPod and if that doesnt work give Traxxas Tech a call. Friend of mine had to do that.
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    roberz00: Lafayette? I used to live there, and I still have kids and grand kids that we visit over there regularly. I miss the food!! (now in Austin). To subject at hand: T-emaxx: I have three iPhones, 3G, 3GS, 4. The 3GS and 4 work fine, but the 3G is a much slower iPhone. With the 3G, I have the same problem that you have. When I persist and restart the Link application it starts. The Link application will not support the original iPhone. Perhaps you have an older and slower iPod. Try restarting the Link and it might work.

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