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Thread: sand + gears

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    sand + gears

    Hey guys,
    i live by my local elementary school, or also known as my rc track, and im going to bring my merv up there soon for the first time. do i have to worry about sand getting in the spur and pinion or anywhere else where is causes problems? on my rusty some sand gets in the pinion and spur, so i modded the hear cover to cover that but does the mini e revo have any issues with that? thx!

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    sand will get in your main driveshaft and it will be like sandpaper on you driveshafts but no sand gets in my gears

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    I had problems with sand getting in my servo (stock traxxas). It eventually killed it, bonded up the gears and it ended up blowing a hole in the case by burning the motor out. Sand will work into places no matter what you do.
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