I currently have a 1/16 Slash, and love it. Have owned a 2.5 Revo and loved it. It looks like I will be re-joining the workforce soon, and happen to have nitro fever. I have a ton of experience with electric, down to swapping every single part. I have an intermediate amount of experience with nitro, including working on every subsystem, but never an engine swap.

I have owned 1 OS engine and 1 Traxxas. What I would like to do is get a Slayer Pro and do an engine swap before I even run it. I realize the 3.3 is much better than the 2.5 which I had owned, but I would like to swap an OS and sell the 3.3, as they are rather popular and draw a good price.

1. Is there an OS engine that is a direct fit? I have no access to machining.
2. Is there an OS conversion kit if no direct replacement.

I would consider a Picco as I have heard a lot about them also, so same question for that brand.