I THINK that I can assist those of you (like me at first) who are having considerable difficulty getting DTS-1/T-Link/Funny car to behave:

I did not know where the instructions for linking and binding Start/Finish Consoles and connecting T-Link program were. The instructions are "hidden" in the T-Link program for binding/linking the two consoles:

1. Connect TQi (transmitter) with iPhone/iPod and run the T-Link program.
2. At the HOME screen go to GARAGE.
3. At the GARAGE screen go to CONNECT.
4. Press the question mark at the top of the screen.
5. Boom! There is the tutorial for firmware updates, and binding/linking START/FINISH consoles.

Now, assuming that you have successfully completed the binding/linking the two consoles here is the drill for getting the star/finish CONSOLES to be good neighbors with the T-Link program:

1. Follow this sequence by rote:
2 First, turn on the START CONSOLE.
3. Then turn on the TQi (transmitter) and the T-Link program on the iPhone/iPod.
4. See green DTS icon on upper right screen of T-Link program.
5. See slow blinking GREEN LED on lane 1, second from bottome LED.

The START CONSOLE is now talking the the T-Link program.

6. Turn on the FINISH CONSOLE. It will NOT be linked yet to the START CONSOLE.
7. Press and hold the SET button on the START CONSOLE until it blinks twice.
8. Now the START and FINISH consoles are linked BOTH are talking to the T-Link program.
(Note: see the green DTS icon on the upper right screen program on the START CONSOLE).
9. BOTH LEDS (again, second from bottom LED's blink green slowly for lane 1 and 2 on the START CONSOLE.

10. The blink yellow rotating LED's have gone out on the FINISH CONSOLE and
11. The yellow SPEED TRAP LED on lane 2 of the FINISH CONSOLE blinks slowly.

BEHOLD!! The START/FINISH CONSOLES are now talking with each other and the T-Link program. All functions/options of the two consoles are now available in the T-Link program.

You can check this by:

1. Go to Home>Garage>DTS icon in the T-Link program.
2. Go to DIAGNOSTICS see the START/FINISH CONSOLE icons are not X-ed out. The are working.
3. You can now set up the reflectors in the T-Link program if you wish.

Note: If you are trying to set up the DTS-1 in your house, beware that carpet really screws up the alignment of the lasers for the reflectors.

SEE THE FOLLOWING POST FOR GETTING THE FUNNY CAR TO TALK TO THE DTS-1 AND THE T-LINK PROGRAM AT THE SAME TIME. This allows you to use a single TQi with the DTS-1 program AND the funny car.

I hope this might help somebody. I apologize in advance for any errors, typos. I did write this post while I was actually doing these instructions on my DTS-1/TQi. I was able to learn this be trial and error, and a little parley with Traxxas support.