Ok, if anybody need the info for setting up the T-Link/DTS-1/Funny Car communication:

Assuming that you have successfully gotten T-Link/DTS-1 START/FINISH CONSOLES to be good neighbors, and you have all this turned on:

1. Go to GARAGE on the T-Link program.
2. Press CONNECT.
3. On the TQi TRANSMITTER button in the CONNECT program,
3. Press "Set TQi Transmitter to Link mode.
5. Start the Funny Car.
6. See the green TX logo and see a right/left arrow at the top of the screen.
7. See the green DTS-1 and the "Veh" logo at the top right of the screen.
8. Race the car with the DTS-1 used simultaneously.
9. Beat the tar out of your competitors.