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    2S1P & 2S2P whats the difference?

    As the title says whats the difference?
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    2s.... two cells in series doubling voltage

    2p two cells in parallel adding capacity

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    think of it as carriages like a train, then each one a cell. Get two long in series is 2Series1Parallel add another two on top which gives four cells but now a 2Series 2Parallel as it's only two cells long, it's still classed as a 2s as only series cells is what gives the voltage.
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    Basically, 2s1p has 2 cells. 2s2p has 4 cells. They both have the same voltage, because of parallel wiring. It shouldn't make much of a difference whichever you get BUT many higher capacity packs are offered only in 2s2p configuration, this means more, smaller cells instead of fewer, larger cells. Not sure why they wire cells in parallel instead of just making larger cells, possibly because if they get a bad cell it won't be as much waste. Or maybe it's cheaper. Doesn't matter to most people.

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