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    Love My Ken Block Fiesta need help

    I have been running my chassis without the KB body cause it's so cool. Being a subaru fan when are you going to make an STI body? (2006 Like mine would be great) Also I was wandering if you have any advice on how I could stretch the wheel base to 210mm and width to 165mm. I have a Subaru 360 Body I would like to adapt but It looks a little funny where the wheel base is too short. Tires also stick out too much. I am restoring 4 of these Full scale 360's. I want to paint the body like I want the real ones to look. The bodies are Chevron bodies and list the 210mm and 165mm dimensions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    i have been thinking about making a custom chassis and i think if you could use 2 rear driveshafts for the transmission you could possibly stretch it. but i know it would take a lot of work. if you look at peoples lcg chassis im sure you do that same thing and just cut it somewhere it could be dont. and to widen it you can go to the toyz and there are i think 3 different widths you can get from 1 exotek kit and 2 options from the toyz themselves. i hope this helps. not much i really know about this subject just didnt know how many people would respond so tried to give what i could. hope you do it and would love to see how it goes. now you got me thinking i should do it. XD

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    Like this?:
    And there he goes with the carbon...

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