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    Metal spur gears?

    Im wondering if anyone makes a metal spur for the ERBE cause im tired of stripping my plastics. Ive stripped at least 6. I know how to properly mesh my gears as I have been in this hobby for many many years. Ive never had this kind of stripping issue on any other car or truck. Last night I even resorted to running a piece of paper through the spur/pinon and it came through with zero tears. I was using a flashlight and everything making sure teeth werent too close/far from each other. Rocking the gears as well, then comparing to some of my other vehicles. Took it out for some fun last night works fine. Took it out this morning working well till all the sudden you hear a whining sound. My spur has been stripped yet again!

    Is it a common problem because the motor/heatsink can rock back and forth and being held in place by one screw? I mean this morning/last night there was no serious bashing. One there is nothing to do here, just some rocks and some grass. A few flips and roll overs and that was my highlight of the time. So could the motor mount/heatsink be shifting about slighting during these rough times, and if so is there a way to stop it?

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    sounds to me that you are loosing you mesh through the motor plate flexing. I run two motor plates together and i have a bolt that runs through the bottom of the motor mount and tightens up the motor and eliminates the flexing of the motor plate. do a search on here and you will find the mod. Also don't go with metal spurs they will just put stress on other things like transmission gears.
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    metal spur will wear your pinion faster, keep the plastic spur & this helps alot
    just get a longer bolt & cut it down to correct length, & get the mesh just right, ckeck it in several spot
    around the gear.
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    Definitely keep the plastic spur. You want the cheap, easy failure point.
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