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    4x4 Slash on this Race Track, should I keep it the Ultimate Stock setup?

    ....hello all, about to buy a Ultimate 4x4 Slash, and I'm about to go racing for the 1st time.

    Will the Ultimate box stock setup ok on this small track? (they watered the track after this video
    for more traction)....what adj necessary on the box stock Ultimate Slash 4x4?
    (ie....Switch out the tires, adj. suspension? etc....)

    again, its my 1st time out racing.

    Stupid questions' like, should I start at 2s Lipo or 3s Lipo?....

    Does the new TQi transmitter have ABS (anti lock braking to prevent spin outs?).....
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    Check out the Slayden setup at the top of the Slash 4x4 page, lots of useful info there. I used it to setup for my first race and ended the day on the podium with a 3rd place
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    I would change the setup.

    Increase the shock angles to be more aggressive, top mounts in, buttom mounts out, change the swaybars to black.
    2S should be more then enough power on such a tight track.

    Propper racing tires like Pro-Line Bow-Ties or Calibers and cooler for the Velineon motor.

    And you are off to a good start.

    No the TQi doesn't have ABS

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