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    So I found workaround:
    1. turn and pair everything
    2. run the app, update screen should appear
    3. dont run the update, just disable it by clicking on it and stay on the page in the app
    4. turn car of, wait unitl the car icon get red in the app
    5. turn car on while still on the update page
    6. the update page should refresh and tell, that there are no more updates
    7. Now there is the back button available in the app in the left top corner, that brings you back to the app.
    Note: you need to do this everytime you start the app....

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    I went through hours of firmware update **** last night with the Traxxas Link app and TQi TSM receivers. I thought I had bricked 2 receivers. The app would link to bluetooth transmitter via my Samsung S9 phone on the latest updates for phone and app. It would see the TX and RX as connected / green in the app. When I went to the update screen, it would start updates on the RX, then fail after step 1 repeatedly, asking me to try again. Now both of my RX were showing firmware version 0.0.0 and I could not use the trucks, no controls. After searching many forum solutions, I found this is the necessary sequence with the latest Traxxas Link app (version and Android 9. - FYI I tried two tablest running older Android versions, and neither would even link bluetooth to the remote.

    1) install the latest app. You may want to uninstall any previous version, reboot device, then install new version.
    2a) Once the app is fully installed, don't run it yet!! If it's running in the background, close it.
    2b) Hold the app icon, then go into the app settings and allow access to bluetooth AND STORAGE.
    3) With the app completely closed / not running, switch your phone / device to Airplane mode (no radio communications)
    4) Turn on Bluetooth connection only!
    5) Launch the Traxxas Link app
    6) Turn on the TX and vehicle
    7) Link Bluetooth to the Transmitter/module
    8) Now you should be able to go into your app > Support > Updates and recognize the TX/RX/ESC properly.
    9) run the updates

    I hope this helps someone, and I hope Traxxas gets some better app developers to fix this to operate in a normal expected way without all these steps. With older versions (few years ago) I was able to just launch the app normally, and do the updates.

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    I'm with Android. Enabling "Storage Access" to the Traxxas app solved my problems.

    Thanks jonUF02 for the hint.

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